Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015

Way to go runners! Not only did those kids (and some coaches and parents!) brave the heat today, they ran the timed mile! Our character trait of the week was effort. Congratulations to 3rd grader, Lucy and 4th grader, Griffin on winning the Effort Award for the week. Both students showed amazing effort and positive attitudes during our run and meeting today! We also had a few shout outs for students who were showing extra effort! Way to go Johnny M., Maddy C (she ran 20 seconds faster than her personal best!), Isabelle C., and Grayson M!
Lucy (not pictured) and Griffin- Effort Award Winners

Here are the times for our first timed mile run! If your student was absent for the run today, we will be doing a make up mile run next week on 9/15/15!
Name 1 mile time (9/8/15)
Maddy C6:55
Nate O7:11
Sawyer T7:19
Lucy E.7:20
Ashlyn A.8:11
Johnny M.8:13
Griffin C.8:17
Shea B.8:28
Jake T.8:29
Isabelle C.8:31
Chase S.8:35
Grayson Murphy8:40
Charlie G.8:50
Ella G.8:52
Anderson L.8:56
Ben F.8:58
Sam N.9:09
Edward T.9:17
Tyler T.9:19
Tori B.9:24
Ava R.9:25
Evan Kate P.9:27
Caroline P.9:31
Lucy S.9:37
Sama S.9:48
Myra S.9:50
Rebecca E.9:52
Lotanna A.9:57
Miley P. 9:58
Caroline K.10:04
Meghan P.10:08
Emma P.10:14
Tyler R.10:22
Zack S.11:04
Abby F.12:46
Eli W.13:05
Samantha R.14:14

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