Monday, September 9, 2013

3rd Running club tomorrow (9/10/2013)

We are very excited about our running club tomorrow (9/10).

Last week, we had a 1/2 mile run for time to serve as a starting point in our training.  We had runners that were able to complete a 1/2 mile in 3:03 to 5:23 and everything in between.  Our goal is to work up to at least a mile run without stopping; with a stretch goal of completing a 5k (3 miles).

We created three student groups based on their times.  In the small groups, students discussed with each other how they felt during the half mile run, things that went well with the run, and how they want to improve for the next half mile run.  Many students stated that wanted to run faster, others said they wanted to run without having a pain in their side, and some just wanted to run the whole time.

This week, we will be ..

- Warm-up -- 1 lap relay (four people on a team) - 5 minutes 
- Stretch - 5 minutes
- Lesson -- Form - using your arms - 5 minutes 
- Group work - 20 minutes focused on individual goals.
- Stretch/wrap up 5 minutes 

Some good resources to view with your child  

See you all on the Track! (via @msmacwilliams - Twitter Feed)


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2nd Running Club

We are excited about our second running club this week.  Last week we had over 40 runners join us!  We were able to run over a mile during the running session.  Some of our students ran up to two miles. We had the students do a tempo run (ran for one minute and then walked for 30 seconds).  We were also able to run around the school to get some more cardio in for the day.

This week we will be doing a time 1/2 mile run to help our students group themselves by speed, but also by drive.