Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Running Club 10/20/15 and updates

Last week, the runners got to practice some distance runs as well as work on some sprinting! We are so proud of the runners and we can't wait until 11/3 for our 2 mile timed run! We have been working all quarter with the students on strength, endurance and positive attitudes while running....they are ready for the big run!

Congratulations to our character trait of the week award winners for 10/20! 3rd grader, Brianna and 5th grader, Tanner won the award for showing Kindness! They are always helping out others. Awesome job!


Keep practicing for our 2 mile run next week, runners! Our last running club will be on Tuesday, November 17th.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Running Club 10/13/15

This week, the runners worked on distance and strength. We split into small groups and focused on endurance exercises! The students are getting ready for our longest time trial yet, a 2 mile run! We will be doing this in a few weeks.

Congratulations to our award winners this week! 5th grader, Payton, and 3rd grader, Ella, won the award for being unselfish this week. They are always caught cheering on their teammates and thinking of others before they think of themselves. Way to go!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Running Club 10/6/15

Way to go on Tuesday, running club! The students ran their 2nd timed mile of the year! We were very impressed by the positive attitudes, encouragement and hard work by all of the runners. Congratulations to our 2 winners of the Positive Attitude award this week; 4th grader Samuel and 4th grader Tyler!

Some of our track 1 runners getting ready to do their mile timed run for the first time this year! 

Check out our amazing 1 mile times!
Name 1 mile time (9/8/15)1 mile time (10/6/15)Best Time
Benjamin G.-6:166:16
Nate O7:116:396:39
Sawyer T7:196:456:45
Travis D.-6:546:54
Maddy C6:55-6:55
Jack M.7:117:037:03
Lucy E.7:207:037:03
Nate W7:087:277:08
Josh P-7:287:28
Olivia N.8:097:597:59
Jake T.8:298:008:00
Tori B.9:248:028:02
Ella G.8:528:038:03
Kevin T.-8:108:10
Ashlyn A.8:11-8:11
Ellie A.8:11-8:11
Griffin C.8:178:118:11
Johnny M.8:138:148:13
Shea B.8:28-8:28
Payton S.-8:298:29
Isabelle C.8:31-8:31
Chase S.8:35-8:35
Grayson Murphy8:40-8:40
Tyler T.9:198:448:44
Myra S.9:508:468:46
Charlie G.8:509:218:50
Anderson L.8:5610:538:56
Ben F.8:5810:558:58
Sam N.9:099:449:09
Zack S.11:049:129:12
Caroline P.9:319:139:13
Evan Kate P.9:279:159:15
Edward T.9:17-9:17
Lucy S.9:379:179:17
Emma P.10:149:199:19
Tyler K.-9:229:22
Ava R.9:259:359:25
Harper N.-9:279:27
Tyler A.-9:349:34
Samuel R.-9:359:35
Ella P.9:42-9:42
Rebecca E.9:43-9:43
Sama S.9:48-9:48
Olivia A.9:49-9:49
Lotanna A.9:57-9:57
Miley P. 9:58-9:58
Caroline K.10:0411:0910:04
Meghan P.10:0810:0610:06
Sloane S.10:06-10:06
Peyton C.-10:1710:17
Alexander Greene-10:1910:19
Tyler R.10:2210:2010:20
Ava S.-10:3910:39
Jacob G-10:4210:42
Jonah N.10:42-10:42
Katherine H.-10:4310:43
Gray S.10:5212:5710:52
Eli W.13:0510:5810:58
Abby F.12:46-12:46
Samantha R.14:1413:0413:04
Emma -13:0713:07
Samuel C.-13:0813:08
Benjamin C.-14:0014:00