Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Running Club 4/12/17

After a break due to heavy April showers last week, our runners were back with lots of energy! We worked on endurance and strength activities today with a group 1/2 mile warm up and exercises in groups with the coaches.

Our character trait today was positivity and two runners stood out from the crowd. Miley gave out smiles and high fives to runners during the 1/2 mile warm up and cheered on her fellow runners and Lance had a contagious smile and lots of joy to share with friends today. Way to have a positive attitude, runners!

Thanks to some awesome parents, runners were treated to a cool down with a stand up misting water feature! It was a hit and we would love to use it again as the weather gets warmer.

Thanks to everyone signed up for the Angels Among Us 5k on April 29th! If you are able to join us please sign up here: ! Our team name is Brassfield Running Club. :)