Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Running Club 9/15/15

Great job today, runners! We had students complete the make up timed mile if they missed it last week and all of the runners showed great enthusiasm in cheering on their running club team mates! Runners were split into smaller groups today with their coaches to compete in some fun relay race activities. The character trait of the week was playing fair/following the rules. Congratulations to our winners, Caroline K. in 3rd grade (not pictured) and Johnny M. in 4th grade!

Reminders and Updates! 
- Interested in doing a 5k or a family run?  These runs are not organized by the running club, but families who are interested in doing a race together can sign up to do either of these great events in our community. The St. Jude's run/walk for childhood cancer will be September 26th. If you are unable to attend, but would like to donate to this cause, you can click here.  Another fun run to look out for in the community is The Buddy Run, and it is also being held on September 26th. The Buddy Run benefits a great program called Backpack Buddies! 
- T-Shirts have been ordered! If you were not able to get money into Mrs. Lipetzky or Ms. Harkey by September 9th, we will be ordering t-shirts again in spring! Shirts have been ordered and should be in soon! Sneak peek of our shirts...

See below for the list of mile times for our runners. This list includes all make ups that happened today! Happy running, Brassfield!:) 
Maddy C6:55
Nate W7:08
Nate O7:11
Jack M.7:11
Sawyer T7:19
Lucy E.7:20
Olivia N.8:09
Ashlyn A.8:11
Ellie A.8:11
Johnny M.8:13
Griffin C.8:17
Shea B.8:28
Jake T.8:29
Isabelle C.8:31
Chase S.8:35
Greyson 8:40
Charlie G.8:50
Ella G.8:52
Anderson L.8:56
Ben F.8:58
Sam N.9:09
Edward T.9:17
Tyler T.9:19
Tori B.9:24
Ava R.9:25
Evan Kate P.9:27
Caroline P.9:31
Lucy S.9:37
Ella P.9:42
Rebecca E.9:43
Sama S.9:48
Olivia A.9:49
Myra S.9:50
Lotanna A.9:57
Miley P. 9:58
Caroline K.10:04
Sloane S.10:06
Meghan P.10:08
Emma P.10:14
Tyler R.10:22
Jonah N.10:42
Gray S.10:52
Zack S.11:04
Abby F.12:46
Eli W.13:05
Samantha R.14:14

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