Schedules and Events

Plans for each week

(9/1) Week 1--Enthusiasm - Group Activities, intro to running club
  • Warm Ups and Stretching- Flahive and Pakes lead
  • Water break and meeting in the field- talk about behavior and PAWS
  • Group run around the school/ loop through the woods
  • 1 relay race in teams of 4- Lipetzky will lead
  • Across the Ocean

(9/8) Week 2--Effort - 1 mile timed run
  • Warm Ups and Stretching
  • 1 mile race: Running club splits into 2 groups for timing purposes

(9/15) Week 3--Play fair/follow rules - RELAYS
  • Warm Ups and Stretching
  • Split into groups
  • Relay activities in your group (each coach comes up with 1-2 relay activities)
      • Examples: 1 lap, up hill down hill, fun races, longer relays around school...

(9/22) Week 4--Encouragement (including applause and cheer)-
  • Warm Ups and Stretching
  • Stations/rotate with group: 3-4 Stations, 1 teacher per station, 1-2 adults rotate with your group. 1- Across the Ocean 2-Relay Race 3- Go Noodle in the Spanish Room 4- ?

Saturday, 9/26: 

St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer
NC State Centennial Campus
851 Partners Way
Raleigh, NC 27606

Message from Ms. Koester:
"September is Childhood Cancer awareness month. St. Jude is hosting their annual walk on September 26th.  In Micah's honor we have started a Brassfield team.  I thought this would be a great way for all of us to be able to come together and support his family and be able to come together as a school community.  If you are interested in joining us for the walk follow the link below: The team name is Brassfield Elementary.  

If you are unable to attend but would still like to donate, here is the link:

The Buddy Run
1212 Heritage Links Drive
Wake Forest, NC US 27587

(9/29) Week 5--Positive attitude (not complaining)- In groups, focus on sprinting and strength
  • Warm Ups and Stretching
  • Whole Group Circuits (3-4 times) - 1 lap and different exercises in between each lap
    • Run lap as fast as you can and then find your group on the field to do the exercises
    • Exercises: frog jumps, push ups, hold out arms, etc…

(10/6) Week 6--Show respect (including respecting coach's decisions)- Distance
  • Warm Ups and Stretching
  • As a whole: Long run around the school/trail
  • In groups: Indian Run around the track and field, highest group can do indian run around the school and through the trail?

Saturday, 10/11: Run for Hope
Run/Walk for Hope: October 11, 2015
Angus Barn

(10/13) Week 7--Be unselfish - Pacing yourself and strength
  • Warm Ups and stretching
  • In groups- Paced distance run- everyone stay at the same pace in your group
-Teacher leader chooses route based on your group members
  • In groups- Partner exercise activities (frog jumps, push ups, hold out arms, etc…)

(10/20) Week 8--Perseverance (overcome adversity)- 2 mile timed run
  • Warm Ups and Stretching
  • Go over route
  • 2 mile timed run

(10/27) Week 9--Good judgment
  • Stations (Relays that focus on different things in every station)

(11/3) Week 10--Kindness--TBD

(11/10) Week 11- TBD

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