Monday, November 17, 2014

Last Running Club Results

We had a great last running club on the 12th!  Our runners did a fantastic job of running either a 1 or 2 mile. Based on mapping out the run I took 15 seconds off per mile based on .05 longer per route. Here are the results:
2 Mile Results
Amanda U15:04
Lucas K18:01
Jack M18:04
Madeline C18:06
Victoria B19:53
Danya B21:44
Payton S21:46
Molly W22:25
Ryley O22:51
Liam G23:22
Rebecca E23:24
Jacob P24:20:00
Zach P24:24:00
Jackson S25:05:00
Neel S25:06:00
Zack S27:30:00

1 Mile Run Results
Nathan S7:58
Ben M7:59
Ethan K8:01
Travis D8:21
Chris M8:31
Tanner P9:20
Jackson H9:26
Michael C9:26
Joshua P9:27
Bryce A9:40
Ellie A10:27
Mirabelle S11:59
Jacob G12:29
Skylar D12:57
Sloane S13:48
Samuel C14:15
Kyle A14:51
Niko A14:54
Nathan M14:59
Chloe S17:04
Lula G17:57
Lily B18:24
Elijah W18:52
Tyler K18:53
Ashleigh S20:29

As mentioned in the previous email there are a couple of different Thanksgiving Runs with some confirmed runners (myself included) will be participating in the Gobble Run in Wake Forest.  We are looking forward to seeing you all for running in March.

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