Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1 Mile and 2 Mile Run

Excellent job to our runners yesterday for persevering and achieving their running goals!  Our runners were given a choice to run either 1 mile or 2 mile based on their running goals.  The route was two laps around the track, around the perimeter of the school and up a hill on Honeycutt Road.  We had 21 students decide to run the 2 mile!  We had 34 runners that completed the 1 mile run.  Our runners did a great job of pacing, taking breaks if needed and continuing to run.  We are very proud of each runner!

runningclub 2013 024.JPG.jpg 

Our 2 Mile Runners!  Congrats to Jake Emerson and Amanda Ulicny being our first two finishers for the two mile run!

runningclub 2013 027.JPG.jpg

Our 1 mile Runners!

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