Monday, August 19, 2013

August 20th Running Club Cancelled due to weather

Next Tuesday (August 26th) will start our running club, students will be dismissed from the classrooms at 3:40 with their book bags.  They will come to room 313 and 314.  Students will leave their bags and other items in these rooms.  The students will participate in the running club outside until 4:40. The running club will come up to the car pool area and students will dismiss through the car pool line.  If a student attends the YMCA, then they will go to the cafeteria to check-in.  Please be sure that your child is picked up by 4:45.  

Reminders -- 
Please be sure that your runner has comfortable clothes and shoes.  Students with flip flops or not appropriate running attire will not be able to run.   It is also essential that students have a water bottle filled with water to stay hydrated for their safety.  We try and reduce the number of times students are going into the building as this takes away from running activities.  

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