Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Running Club in the Books

We had a great turnout for our first running club!  We had 53 students running with us in the heat.  Mrs. Fernandez with the students did a great job in leading us in stretching before and after running.  After a few warm up laps we did some 2 lap repeats to work on our condition and discussed pacing.  Pacing will be a theme and discussion point for most of the running clubs.

We discussed that as we begin running we need to remember the talk test, that is if you can talk to the person next to you, then you are going an appropriate speed.  Talk test appropriate for beginners.

The rest of the running club we separate into two groups.  One group that thought jogging was too slow and wanted to run faster and the second group thought jogging was a good pace.  Our next running club will be similar in its organization and schedule.  We did three more repeats for a total of over a mile!

Runners remember to bring water bottles (we will have access to additional water), shorts, hat or visor and eat a good lunch!  Also remember it is about your running and how you are feeling, not the person next to you.

See you all next Tuesday!  

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